Technology Innovation > 12 November, 2019

Olympia DB-650T Burner is a compact design, and construct for asphalt plant dryer. 

This burner equipped with Turbo Fan for high combustion chamber.

Olympia DB-650T build in with 4 position control burner which is off, low, mid, and high.

The fuel consumption of this product is very economical which is 220, 445, 650 liter/ hour.

The benefit of our products are excellent combustion, stable flame, simple construction, easy handling and easy maintenance.

The following are detailed related information for asphalt burner : 

*Rated Output : Min. 1.840.000 kcal/h

                         Max. 5.420.000 kcal/h 

*Fuel Consumption : 220-650 liter/ hour

*Fuel Type : Light Oil and Heavy Oil (Type A)

*Power Supply : 380 VAC/3 Ph/50 Hz

*Control Supply : 220 VAC/1 Ph/ 50 Hz

*Inlet Diameter :15A (RC 1/2)

*Fuel Pressure : 1.6-1.8 MPa

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